Tongue-Tie Treatment

Tongue-Tie Treatment

Our team is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of tethered oral tissues, commonly known as tongue-ties. Between 4% and 15% of children are born with tongue-ties. This occurs when the tongue has a congenital abnormality where the frenum is an excessively short, tight membrane of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Severity varies from person to person, but the tie may impair mobility and function of the tongue. Untreated, some people have a moderate inconvenience (for example, they can’t lick an ice cream cone). Many suffer significant issues, however, such as the inability to breastfeed in infancy and the development of significant speech impediments.

The treatment for a tongue-tie is called a frenectomy. This delicate surgical procedure releases the restriction on the tongue. It is done with a diode laser and often requires little to no anesthetic, causes no pain, and usually has no bleeding. The procedure takes only a few moments. A frenectomy procedure can be performed at any age, from infancy through adulthood.

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