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We are devoted to arranging your visit to our office so it is as convenient and pleasant as possible. It is equally important to us that you receive personalized attention. In short, it is our desire to offer you the best and most comfortable dental care available.

The Complete Range Of Sedation Dentistry OptionsSedation Dentistry Tucson AZ

While we strive to deliver painless injections, some patients are naturally stressed at even the idea of a needle. If this describes you, we have a treatment option that may help. One hour before your visit, you take a pill that we dispense, allowing you to reach a level of sedation that permits you to respond to questions but remain completely relaxed through your entire visit. This is also ideal for those who have a hectic schedule and want to get all their treatment done in one appointment.

Our office is one of the few general practices in the country qualified to administer not only oral sedation, but also IV sedation for all procedures, extensive or minor. IV sedation provides the highest level of sedation and the quickest time to take effect. It allows us to have more control over the level of your sedation. Most patients don’t remember their procedure, and a one-hour appointment seems like only two minutes! The level of sedation is very accurate and safe, and you’ll likely have no memory of your visit. The technique can be used for long appointments that involve more extensive dental work, as well as to alleviate the concerns of fearful patients.

For lighter relaxation needs, we offer nitrous oxide. Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask to induce a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases.

No More “Fat Lips” Or Numbness After Treatment!

No Dental NumbnessWho wants to stay numb for up to 5 hours after their dental procedure? Certainly not you! You have things to do – work, school, family obligations, and more. We can reverse the sensation of having a “fat-lip.” After your procedure is complete, we use OraVerse™ to change the effects of the anesthetic. It takes about fifteen minutes and then your mouth feels back to normal. Your well-being is important to us – both before and after your procedure! Ask us how we can improve your comfort.

Our goal is for you to feel comfortably relaxed throughout any procedure we perform. Call our office at (520) 327-1205 to determine how sedation dentistry can make your dental visit comfortable and relaxed.

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